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Buy infrared thermometer online For Corona Virus | infrared thermometer for sale

Measuring Range:  -58°F to +662°F (-50°C to +350°C) Infrared Accuracy:       -58°F to -22.2°F (-50°C to -30.1°C):   + 7.2°F ( + 4.0°C) or 2% of reading whichever is greater       -22°F to -0.58°F (-30°C to -18.1°C):   + 4.5°F ( + 2.5°C) or 2% of reading whichever is greater       -0.4°F to +31.8°F (-18°C to -0.1°C):   + 2.7°F ( + 1.5°C) or 2% of reading whichever is greater       32°F to 148.8°F (0°C to 64.9°C):   + 1.8°F ( + 1.0°C) or 2% of reading whichever is greater       149°F to +662°F (65°C to 350°C):   + 3.6°F ( + 2.0°C) or 2% of reading whichever is greater Contact Probe Accuracy:   + 1.4°F over the range -0.4°F to +248°F ( + 0.8°C over the range -18°C to +120°C) and 1% for the rest of the measuring range Resolution:  0.1°F (0.1°C) Operating temperature:  -13°F to +122°F (-25°C to +50°C) Storage temperature:  -40°F to +158°F (-40°C to +70°C) Measuring cycle:  Infrared: 0.7 s, Contact Probe: 1 s Emissivity:  0.1 to 1.0 adjustable Alarm settings:  Yes, optical and a

Best quality Anti Coronavirus Surgical Medical Face Mask 2ply/ 3ply

Surgical Face Mask 3 Ply Product Description Disposable Surgical Face Mask 3 Play, inner layer made of soft focial tissue Available 2ply,3ply,4ply Size: 17.5cm x 9cm, 4.5x9cm, 17.5x9cm, 21x9.5cm Color: Green,blue, white Latex Free, Fiberglass lass Free, Breathable, Water resistant   Material Melt Blown Placed between non woven fabric Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) > 99% Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) > 99% Packaging & Shipping 1 box contain 50 pieces, 1 Carton contain 40 boxes 20ft Container can contain up to 480 cartons (960.000 pieces) 40ft Container can contain upto 1008 cartons (2.008.000 pieces) PRICES 3 -4 PLY mask:: 2 euro per Box. N95   FFP3  mask:: 3 euro per Box N95  8210V:: 3 euro per Box N95  1860s:: 3 euro per Box N95  1860:: 3 euro per Box SALES MANAGER : Vandar Peterson COMPANY NAME : TRADING_OSS_B.V. WEBSITE :  https://www. T

Buy Surgical Face Mask Online | Surgical Face Mask For Sale

What is a face mask? A facemask is used in medicine as a physical barrier worn on the face to protect against the spread of diseases through liquid or airborne particles. A mask may be termed as a dental, surgical, isolation or laser mask. A face mask helps block large-particle droplets, splashes, sprays or splatters that may contain germs (viruses and bacteria), keeping these from reaching the mouth and nose of the wearer. Face masks may also be worn by a diseased individual to help reduce the exposure of their saliva and respiratory secretions on others. Face masks may also be worn to protect oneself from pollution or dust in the environment. It should be noted, that though a face mask provides protection from large droplets, splashes, splatters etc., it does not completely prevent the passing through of microscopic particles present in the environment. These masks are less effective than respirators, which are specially designed for clearing all present airborne bacteria and viruse